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Postby Katerana Sun, 01 Feb 2015 23:18:16

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Re: Kromog

Postby Saint Sun, 22 Feb 2015 02:49:17

Some tank sparknotes;

Both Tanks position on side of room Opposite from Melee (ie: Far Right End)
Tanks stand on top of each other (within 15 yards)
Tanks stand at Max Melee Range
While Slam is Casting --> Both Tanks run Backwards away from Kromog
Tanks must use an ability like Charge to get back into Kromog's Melee Range Immediately upon Slam being cast
If Tank has no Stacks --> Can just run
If Tank has 1 stack --> Run and use some Damage Reduction
If Tank has 2-3 Stacks --> Run and use Bigger Damage Reduction CD
Swap on 2 stacks of Debuff or when Debuff Fades on Offtank
For the Hands Phase --> If Tank has ability to negate the fall damage (ie: Warrior Charge) - use this, and then use a Minor Damage Reduction Cooldown to survive the phase while breaking people out of hands
Save Armor Potion and Health Potion for last 30%

edit: "While Slam is Casting --> Both Tanks run Backwards away from Kromog" You don't have to run backwards! Strafe! Strafe like the wind! You can sidestep the slam, it hits the location of the tank with aggro when he starts to cast. It is a lot easier for us non-monks and non-warriors to get out of slam by moving sideways instead of backwards.

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